Representative Cases

Gilbert & Renton handles cases throughout the New England region and the United States. Our team of highly-skilled, experienced attorneys is constantly focused on the resolution of complex litigation matters.

Insurance Coverage

  • Representation of one of New England's oldest and largest manufacturing companies. Weassisted our client in the successful recovery of more than $7 million dollars (to date) in defense/investigation costs relating to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) enforcement actions regarding contamination of a major reservoir and watershed in Southeastern Massachusetts.
  • Rrepresentation of a leading South Carolina-based safety-mask manufacturer. Our team recovered more than $20 million in asbestos-related defense and settlement costs.
  • Our team recovered 100% of defense and cleanup costs incurred in the remediation of a Superfund waste disposal site for a major New England glass manufacturer. This case was successfully resolved following allowance of the summary judgment motion filed by Gilbert & Renton in U.S. District Court.
  • Successfully recovered costs incurred in defending several thousand asbestos, silicosis and berylliosis claims for one of the UK's largest manufacturing companies. Claims alleged that the client negligently manufactured industrial respirators, and the case was resolved after summary judgment briefs were filed by Gilbert & Renton in U.S. District Court.
  • Successfully represented an individual denied spousal life insurance benefits based on an application error. After prevailing on summary judgment, the insurer paid the full two million dollar benefit, plus a premium to settle bad faith claims.
  • Successful representation of disabled doctor in resisting disability insurers' attempt to rescind a disability insurance policy. Gilbert & Renton's client ultimately prevailed before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, which upheld a trial verdict in favor of their client.

Business, Commercial and Product Liability Litigation Matters

  • Secured a ruling of first impression in the successful defense of a major RICO/ wiretapping lawsuit brought against a leading New England software/consulting firm.
  • Successful represented a grievously injured employee of a electricity power utility injured as a result of a defective product and unsafe work environment, litigating many issues of first impression before achieiving a favorable settlement.
  • Successfully defended more than 50 product liability actions involving smoking-related illnesses brought against Massachusetts wholesale cigarette distributors. Additionally, our clients successfully obtained a complete release from any liability in the Massachusetts Attorney General's landmark $5 billion Medicaid suit, as well as a dismissal from a class action products liability action brought on behalf of various health and welfare funds.
  • Successfully represented of a Fortune 500 supermarket company in a constitutional law dispute concerning municipal regulation of tobacco and cigarette sales practices.
  • Successfully represented a majority shareholder of a major restaurant corporation in a $30 million shareholder's derivative action brought by the corporation's minority shareholders. The case was favorably resolved following extensive pre-trial proceedings in the U.S. District Court.
  • Successfully represented a commercial landlord in construction defect claims involving the Northeast's largest retail pharmacy chain. The case was favorably resolved, including recoupment of lost rent and attorney's fees, after the motion for summary judgment filed by Gilbert & Renton was granted by the trial court.

ERISA and Employment Cases

  • Successfully represented a class of plaintiffs in enforcing their rights to early retirement pension benefits under ERISA. The plaintiffs secured across-the-board victory in U.S. District Court, including an award of attorney's fees and costs. The case was resolved following appeal.
  • Successfully represented a group of defendant law firms and their partners in defending against an ERISA Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Statutory Penalties claim presented by a former associate. The defendants secured an across-the-board victory in U.S. District Court.
  • Successfully represented a plaintiff who was subjected to reverse discrimination in his employment at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The plaintiff secured a substantial jury verdict and was awarded attorney's fees in U.S. District Court.
  • Successfully represented individuals in buyer claims under ERISA to recover their ESOP benefits.
  • Successfully represented a college official who was subjected to handicap discrimination and deprivation of rights under the FMLA. A favorable settlement was reached mid-discovery.
  • Successfully represented numerous highly compensated executives concerning a broad range of employment and severance-related matters.
  • Successfully represented a senior manager plaintiff who was subjected to age discrimination at the hands of his employer, a locally-based multinational manufacturing corporation. A favorable settlement was reached just prior to jury deliberations.
  • Successfully represented numerous executives, officers and upper-level managers in the negotiation of severance packages, stock option buyouts, and other complex compensation matters.
  • Secured a ruling of first impression from the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in a case defining the scope of the Fair Labor Standards Act's anti-retaliation provisions.

Environmental Matters

  • Successfully represented a real estate "Brownfields" developer in receiving complete liability protection in connection with converting a former fuel oil depot to residential use. The project involved issuance of the very first Massachusetts Covenant Not to Sue to the client and owner/operator.
  • Special appellate counsel to a Massachusetts environmental consulting company in appellate and insurance coverage proceedings. The case arose out of allegations that the client had failed to adequately conduct a Chapter 21E inspection. Retained after the trial court imposed a seven-figure judgment against the client, Gilbert & Renton successfully resolved the appeal and insurance claim with the client receiving complete indemnity.
  • Successfully represented a New England real estate developer in administrative proceedings and private negotiations concerning illegal dumping of contaminated fill from a Superfund site in Beverly, Massachusetts. The client obtained (i) an expedited cleanup and permitting processes to enable the real estate development to proceed on schedule, and (ii) cost-recovery on behalf of his client from the responsible parties as well as the client's insurance company.
  • Successfully represented a land trust in securing cost-recovery from a demolition company which had buried contaminated "fill" at the property.
  • Continuing representation of licensed site professionals ("LSPs") in professional disciplinary proceedings before the Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals (the "LSP Board").
  • Continuing representation of homeowners faced with oil spills from home heating systems, including securing insurance coverage and controlling the costs of cleanup.
  • Continuing representation of owners of properties contaminated by dry cleaning wastes.
  • Continuing representation of chemical company in securing Covenant Not to Sue from Attorney General, selling portion of the property to public entities, and privately marketing the rest.
  • Continuing representation of large and small companies in managing response actions to federal and state Notices of Responsibility and disputes with other PRPs.

Intellectual Property Matters

  • Successfully represented small business intellectual property that was targeted by a Fortune 500 company for acquisition.
  • Successfully representated an individual who invented software which his employer, a Fortune 100 company, attempted to retain for its own purposes without fair compensation following the employee's departure from the company.

Administrative Law Cases

  • Lead counsel on behalf of a non-profit educational institution that has been wrongfully denied a five-year, $1 million adult basic education grant despite its superior qualifications for funding. Following a four-day administrative trial before the Massachusetts Department of Education, the case was successfully resolved in negotiations.